Complex photonic bandgap nanostructures

Prime objective of this project is to design and fabricate complex photonic band gap (CPBG) nanostructures. For this, phase SLM based interference lithography process is approached. A multi–mirror beam steering unit is used to reflect the SLM generated phase engineered beams leading to large angle between interfering beams while also preserving the large area of the interfering plane beams. Both translational and rotational periodic sub-micron structures are experimentally realized. This approach opens up the flexibility of interference lithography to fabricate more complex sub-micron photonic structures and photonic metamaterial structures for future applications.


(a-b) phase SLM based interference lithography setup. SEM image of the fabricated hexagonal photonic structure based on interference of (sample-1) three plane beams and (sample-2) five plane beams; inset shows the magnified view.