Nano magnetic Structures

a. Reduced Graphene Oxide Coupled CdS/CoFe2O4(CdS/CFO) Nanohybrid for Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity

The objective of this project is to prepare nanomagnetic structures/particles for novel applications. For this, separable core/shell nanostructure coupled with reduced graphene oxides were developed for efficient degradation of organic dyes in polluted water under solar light. (CdS/CFO) core/shell nanorods heterostructure have been coupled on the 2D platform of reduced graphene oxide (RGO) sheets by a facile soft chemical route. The CdS/CFO/RGO nanohybrid exhibits enhanced photocatalytic activity for the degradation of methylene blue under visible light irradiation. In addition to enhanced photocatalytic activity, this trio-coupled
nanocomposite exhibit enhanced photostability and is magnetically separate from the aqueous solution due to the presence of the CFO in the composite nanostructure and thus can be used for repeated operations of the photocatalytic process.

b. Magnetically tunable bandstop filter using ferrite thin film

The objective of this project is to develop tunable microwave filters using doped CFO nanostructured films. Magnetically tunable band stop filters in the flip chip mode is developed with nickel ferrite (NFO) magnetic thin films which shows the tunability of 7.2% in the presence of bias magnetic field in the range of 0 to 150 Oe. Spur line based microstrip notch (band stop) filters coupled with NFO film in flip chip configuration is shown in figure. After applying the magnetic field, central rejection frequency shifts towards the lower side of the frequency which is due to the change in the permeability values of the nanostructure films

Spurline based bandstop filter coupled NFO nanostructured films in flip chip configuration