Prof. Prashant Mishra

1. National Collaboration with
National Brain Research Centre, Manesar, Haryana
2. International Collaboration with
Toyo University Japan

Prof. J. Jacob

Collaborations on Polymer Solar Cells National
Prof. Viresh Dutta, Centre for Energy Studies, IIT Delhi
Prof. K. S. Narayan, JNCASR, Bangalore


Dr. Changduk Yang, UNIST, South Korea
Dr. Panagiotis E. Keivanidis, IIT, Genova, Italy

Prof Joby Joseph

1. Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre (BNERC), Toyo University, Japan.
• Project Title: Collaborative Research and Education under IIT Delhi–BNERC, Toyo University, Joint Bio-Nano Mission Programme
• Project Duration: From 1st January 2013 to 30th August 2017
• Funding: Rs. 1.25 Cr from Toyo Univ., 1 post-doc, many faculty and PhD students visit from IITD to Toyo Univ.
• 5 high impact research publications so far • Latest HXPS system of Toyo Univ., proposed to have live terminal at NRF

2. Indo-Norway Collaborative Project, with Univ. of Tromso, Norway
• Sponsored by UGC, India and Govt. of Norway
• Duration 2016-2019